Hunting Black Unicorn for RS gold farming

Nothing to lose in hunting unicorn horns; getting combat XP and unicorn horn to sell rs gold


Win-win situation in getting Unicorn Horn for rs gold sell and combat EXP

Black Unicorns are more aggressive and dangerous than your typical unicorn to all level Runescape players when in the Wilderness. You can obtain Unicorn Horns for RS gold in decent quantities as there are a lot of them scattering around and they have a faster spawn rate but they usually run away when they have low health.

Black Unicorns are a good way to make RS gold on Runescape. The Black Unicorns drop Unicorn Horns which sell for quite a lot on the Grand Exchange although the RS gold prices tends to change and unstable. Regardless there is RS gold to be made by killing Black Unicorns, and at the same time you may accumulate some combat experience to level up.

It is suggested to farm the Black Unicorns in the level 10 – 17 Wilderness. The Black Unicorns can be found southwest of the Wilderness Volcano. Just farm all you want until you inventory is full, go bank and store it or sell and come back. You can repeat the process over and over until you’re satisfied. You can earn RS gold that way.


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